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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Apple and Pear Memo Notes

An apple a day ...
For those of us that can’t live without their memo pads, these funky fruit shaped sticky notes offer a delightful twist on the traditional sticky note. These super cute set of apple shaped memo pads are the most adorable sticky notes the planet has ever seen. You can unfold it, use the paper clip to hold it and it looks like a real round Apple. Comes with a cute foam protector so it looks even more like a real fruit! So fun to use! These apple shaped sticky notes are so cute and look good enough to eat! What a fancy way to decorate your home or office desk with these cool funky fruity ‘Sticky Notes’.

There are a total of 150 sheets! Measures approx 3.75 x 3.5 inches each (when opened).

To order visit us at Paper Scissors Rock Stationery

xx Nikki

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Travelling Store

I believe that life is worth celebrating and I love celebrating with beautiful stationery. So after years of looking and searching for the perfect stationery product we decided to bring Paper Scissors Rock Stationery to life.
Paper Scissors Rock Stationery is the new on-line stationery concept store created by moi, Nikki Buckland. I also own I Dream of Cupcakes, combing my two loves stationery and cupcakes.

Whilst our online store has hit the ground running I wanted to bring our store directly home to you. So we created our travelling store.

If you love beautiful stationery but have been frustrated by the limited choices available then our travelling store offers a fun and hassle-free new way for you and your friends to explore Paper Scissors Rock’s exclusive and extensive range. Papers Scissors Rock Stationery’s has a stunning array of invitations, party accessories, notebooks, journals, cards and wrappings from noted designers including Invite with Style, Lox+Savvy, Cuckoo for Coco, Belles and Whiselles, truth.be.told, Beckoning Designs, Ideas take Flight and Paper Eskimo (to name only a few).

We will come to your home or workplace and set up a gorgeous display for you and your friends. All invitations are provided by Papers Scissors Rock – and enough scrumptious I Dream of Cupcakes cupcakes for all your guests. Just add champagne. Our hosts receive a generous25% discount on their purchases (and few extra little goodies).

Our travelling store travels from Lismore to the Gold Coast and Southern Brisbane.

So whether it’s a journal, writing sets, invites for a birthday party, announcing a new addition to the family, divine wrapping paper to make that gift look amazing, telling someone you adore them, or an invitation for a glass of bubbles with friends, you will find it at Papers Rock Scissors Stationery.

We hope you enjoy our pictures from our maiden voyage.
x Nikki

Friday, June 25, 2010

more lovelies from invite with style

Isn't it nice when you just click with someone and you just know that they completely "get" what you need? I have found this in Anna at Invite with Style. Anna as you know designed our lovely logo for Paper Scissors Rock Stationery and recently she set upon the task of designing our postcard, thank you notes, our flyer and invitation for our travelling store. I adore what Anna has come up with, so thank you my friend x

Monday, June 21, 2010

belles & whiselles

Belles and Whiselles designs are sophisticated, fun, colourful and a little bit quirky. Their story is simple ... they are passionate about design and they do it so well.

Look what's new in store ...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


A couple of weeks ago we discovered Lox+Savvy and fell instantly in love with everything.  I adore all things vintage, the 60's and yes have to admit that the 80's are high on the "like" list.  We loved everything and had to come up for air after indulging for hours over the decision of what to stock - so we ordered "most" of the range.  Grab a coffee and enjoy this inspiring story of Lisa Loxley and Lox+Savvy x

Introducing ....

"I remember running through the aisles of the printing factory my father ran as a child, and how exciting all the stationery, [yes, staplers, thumbtacks, neon stickers etc] paper and printing machines were – and that was only one small element.

I grew up surrounded by family within the paper and printing industries (over four generations in the family!) which are all creative in their own unique way; My father is a printer by trade [my grandfather, great-grandfather & great-great grandfather were printers], who went onto be a paper merchant, one brother is a printer and the other a digital imaging specialist/graphic artist [& also an amazing artist] so it was inevitable that I would be fond of all things paper and printing! After completing a graphic arts apprenticeship, as well as a short stint in a design college, I opened up my own graphic design business, which I still run today - This has then led me to the evolving Lox+Savvy.

My collection of cards and paper goods has then started with this life-long love of paper, design and printing, and the passion to want to produce premium paper-based stationery collections, which feature some form of a renewable resource throughout each range. I’m a highly passionate, driven and hardworking individual [and not to mention a somewhat perfectionist] who wants to give my customer a quality, quirky, unique paper good product which we haven’t seen in the Australian greeting card scene.

Based in Sydney, lox+savvy’s ever-evolving collection of matching stationery includes: cards+envelopes, paper pockets, wrapping paper, bookmarks, gift tags, put-in-the-pocket note cards, Neon 3*fold shaped cards, note*it block pads, vintage thread, notebooks, as well as paper chains and handmade vintage button + buckle cards.

I have for a very long time found it hard to match a card with wrapping paper, or a card with a gift tag, using some vintage thread on a present, or finding a premium paper stock combined with strong, graphic colours and all made in Australia!

Each limited edition paper good has carefully been made in Sydney Australia, by use of natural materials, paper off-cuts or sourcing paper which has some form of renewable resource.

Lox+savvy’s hands-on approach to paper goods enables each item to be one of the most unique and closely detailed. For example, as I have found it enormously difficult to find the ‘perfect’ envelope for a card, I now print my own then hand-assembled each and every one!

Introducing ...


Lox+Savvy – a passion, flair and unique creativity for all things paper. Fun+quirky, stylish+classic, old+new, Lox+Savvy’s card and stationery collection features a range of unique and creative designs that venture from barbershop stripes to hand-sewn buttons.

Lox+Savvy ‘s ever-evolving collection of matching stationery includes: cards + envelopes, paper pockets for journals, wrapping paper, bookmarks, gift tags, put-in-the-pocket note cards, Neon 3*fold shaped cards, note*it paper blocks, vintage thread, notebooks, paper chains + handmade vintage button & buckle cards.

Each limited edition paper good has carefully been made in Sydney Australia, by use of natural materials, paper off-cuts or sourcing paper which has some form of renewable resource. Diversely textured and premium quality paper stocks, papers manufactured through renewable plantation forests or using sustainable forestry practices, teed bold colours, striking lines, eclectic mix of natural fibre fabrics and vintage highlights reflect the spirit of all Lox+Savvy creations.

This hands-on approach to paper goods enables each item to be one of the most unique and closely detailed. Each collection has its own story and mixes the best of vintage style with sleek contemporary lines materializing in beautiful and individual matching sets of paper goods and stationery.

Lox+Savvy’s new collections launching in 2010/11 are inspired by 80’s neons, colourful pastels, 60’s geometric shapes, textured paper stocks and our obsession with simplicity! New collections include black & white hues, symmetry and shapes, strong fluoro colours, pastel coloured pads, quirky new paper goods which all have a form of a renewable resource within each of them."

Some of our favourites ...

Swanky and Swish

Today we would like to share with you our favourite store - Swanky and Swish. Simone and Shannon are the owners of this lovely store in Kingscliff (also online). They stock a stunning range for the swanky men and swish women and of course don't foget the little ones and now swanky interiors. Designers include Gypsy05, Ben Sherman, Scotch and Soda, Tluxe, Love from Venus (must have!), Pure Baby and Little Miss J.

For more details visit them at 96 Marine Parade Kingscliff or online.

xx Nikki

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photo Shoot with Mecollie Designs, I Dream of Cupcakes and The Cupcake Wrapper

A few weeks ago we were contacted by one of our lovely suppliers to join in a photoshoot and of course we were thrilled to be included.

The shoot was at Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast. The photographer - the very lovely Dianne White from Dianne White Photography. We supplied cupcakes from our other gorgeous (if we do say so!) business. The Cupcake Wrapper wrapped our little treats in their lovely wrappers (soon to be available from Paper Scissors Rock Stationery). And the end result was delicious ...

xx Nikki

Some of Mecollie Designs invitations we stock at Paper Scissors Rock Stationery each pack comes with 10 invitations, 10 lolly bags and 10 stickers all for $25.

Beckoning Designs

Before we launched Paper Scissors Rock Stationery fell upon the beautiful handmade address books from Beckoning Designs and knew that we had to stock them. We have a range of fabric covered and paper covered address books, journals and notebooks. The address book is a must have purchase.

Words from Beck ...

"Beckoning Designs was conceived like most things out of necessity. After repeated feeling frustrated by the same old address book, I was looking for something so much more simplified than the traditional and outdated A-Z. After much searching and finding nothing on the market, I created my own modern version of the address book. After a lot of researching and feedback, I developed what I believed to be a far more user friendly and time efficient address book. After spending a year refining the new layout, I found out I was pregnant with my first child, so I gave myself 9 months before the impending arrival to design, construct and perfect the address book. I then expanded my range to include matching journals and notebooks. Funnily enough I was pregnant with my second child when I decided to expand my range even further into doing personalised wedding guest books. So another 9 month deadline was ahead of me.Our wedding guest books have become our specialty, with brides wanting something personal and complimentary to their wedding stationery. Beckoning Designs' stationery really represents, functionality and style. We believe stationery should be fun, practical, stylish and super user friendly. We understand many women are loyal to their stationery so it has be made with quality products and finished with gorgeous designs that represent their own personal style."
View Beckoning Designs range online.


xx Nikki

Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Mo and Friends

We and very pleased to introduce you to Little Mo and Friends.

Helena is the creative illustrator of Little Mo and Friends. Helena finds her inspiration by trees, animals, children's books, four seasons and magical tea parties! Each of her creation is hand drawn and coloured in fun and whimsical colours. Helena prints most of my paper goods on 100% post consumer waste recycled paper. She is committed to keeping her stationery range handmade locally in Australia and a sustainable green business.

We are very happy to be stocking her Paper Dolls at Paper Scissors Rock Stationery.

xx Nikki

Thursday, June 3, 2010


a week ago we stumbled across the unique designs of truth.be.told and are so glad we did - so in love ...

truth be told is the lovely greeting + stationery label by Melbourne based designer Jessica Hyde. Inspired by all things sassy + whimsical, each truth be told piece brings a little touch of art to the humble gift card + writing set. truth.be.told began based on the belief that there isn’t much that is sweeter than receiving a lovely letter in the post (rather than those pesky bills)

each item in the truth be told range is created by hand combining Jessica’s illustrations, gorgeous papers & sewn elements. the compositions are inspired by a love of the 1950’s, pretty dresses & bold colour with just a touch of whimsy thrown in for good measure.

when not busy creating greetings for you, Jessica can be found wandering the streets of Melbourne with her Diana mini in hand, scouring vintage stores for coloured glass (& pretty dresses) or on the odd occasion baking cherry chocolate cupcakes

you will find these cards at paper scissors rock stationery under "send a message"

x nikki

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Logo Design

A few months ago Anna from Invite with Style "blogged" about us and here is what she had to say

Words from Anna ...

"A few months ago a lovely lady named Nikki Buckland got in touch with me about my work. Nikki is a super mum who is super smart and works super hard. Not only does she run a gorgeous cupcake business I Dream of Cupcakes but she is also about to launch a new business, Paper Scissors Rock Stationery. Yes, cupcakes & stationery!! It's like I have found a perfect pal :)

I was honoured when Nikki asked me to design her new logo for Paper Scissors Rock Stationery and took on the task with great enthusiasm. Ideas flowed out of me and I literally could not stop designing options for Nikki! After some discussions and playing around with ideas Nikki chose this design to be her new logo:

Visit Anna at Invite with Style for all your logo designs she is truly a delight to work with

x Nikki