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Monday, May 31, 2010

Lovely Sweet William

Introducing the creative ladies behind "Lovely Sweet William". We are so in love with their designer prints. Be sure to stop by at Paper Scissors Rock Stationery to purchase these lovely prints ... you will find them under "enjoy".

Words from Paula ...

"Hi, my name is Paula. I live in Melbourne. I love drawing, collecting old things, eating fruit buns and drinking tea. I have three daughters, a husband and a bunny.I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa. I studied commercial art and graphic design and enjoyed a career as an art director and graphic designer both in South Africa and London. Once my babies came along and after tragically losing my mother, I found my self turning back to my love of drawing and embarked on a new career as an illustrator. My sister, who lives in New Zealand and I often collaborated on craft projects and so we joined forces and started a creative business called Sweet William - named after our childhood pet cat. I am a magpie who collects everything. I am inspired by; fine line black pens, challenge, laughter, motherhood, markets, art, design, nature, colour, pattern, etc, etc. but I do have a thing for the past, especially paper ephemera, old children’s books and all things vintage - I love something that has had a bit of a journey. When creating my art I always start with a fine line pen or pencil and I then add to that with collage, paint and texture. I can never have enough fine line black pens or sharp pencils! My work is about celebrating life and love and all the bits in between. I hope you enjoy my prints. Paula x"

You cannot help but fall in love with these prints

x Nikki

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We are very happy to bring you O-Check Designs at Paper Scissors Rock Stationery.

O-Check Design Graphics create thoughtful, highly original designs, developing a unique and ever-changing collection, characterised by an inherent warmth and a timeless charm. Known for their design flair, stationery aficionados love O-Check’s collection of notebooks, agenda diaries, stamp sets and file folders. Inspired by travel, books, music, conversation and imagery, the O-Check design team combine a vintage aesthetic with new ideas which bring designs to life. Environmentally conscious, O-Check create many of its products from recycled paper, natural fabrics, wood and soy ink.
We hope you love it as much as we do
x Nikki

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Guest blog on Invite with Style

We were invited as a guest blogger by Invite with Style (one of our favourite suppliers) - here is what we had to say. Thank you again Miss Anna xx

It started with “There is 47 sleeps until my birthday Mum what are we going to do this year”.
I love parties and I especially love parties when they are for someone you love. So Riley was turning 9 and Mr Sporty had decided that he would love a skating party. First was the venue which was easy as we have new skate park just built. So venue was set. Next was the invitations and after stocking Invite with Style in our store I contacted Anna mildly panicked “please can you design a Skateboarding invitation?” Of course she was not nearly as panicked as I was and I had complete faith that she would design something fabulous.I asked Anna to design an invitation that was black, white and red checks and left the rest to her amazing creative mind. An amazing they were - first draft of the invites were perfect a little tweaking on the checks and it was done and so painlessly. They arrived in the mail without delay and Riley was “stoked” - “Mum these are the best” and big hugs.

Step one complete! Food was organized by yours truly – lots of black, white and red lollies and of course cupcakes. We coordinated cupcake toppers and swing tags for the party bags. It was a hit and the kids (all 17 of them) had the “best party ever”. So thank you Anna once again you have delivered!

Nikki x
Cupcakes designed by I Dream of Cupcakes.
Party bags and invitations available at our online store
Invitations designed by Invite with Style

Friday, May 14, 2010

Elly Oak Cards now in stock

Elly Oak cards have arrived and they are so lovely. We are so in love with them ...

Elly Oak is a handmade card and textiles business founded in Melbourne by Kate Richmond.

Kate completed a Fine Arts Honours degree at Melbourne University and an Interior Design degree, before working for an online art gallery, and then in a variety of corporate and buying roles. Kate decided to leave the office environment to pursue her long-time desire to design and make things, and follow her creative ambitions.

Initially hand-stencilled, Kate now hand screen prints everything, having completed a course to perfect the technique. Elly Oak hopes to provide beautiful, simple designs that are fresh and unique. The brand represents a love of colour, uncluttered design and handcrafted art.

To view the range visit us at Paper Scissors Rock Stationery.

xx Nikki

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Invite with Style

A few months ago I met Anna from Invite with Style. She is the amazing designer and owner of Invite with Style. I contacted Anna firstly to stock her delightful invitations in our store. After chatting for some time I decided that Anna was the girl for the job of designing our logo. Within a couple of days Anna had sent me not one but five different logo options, all were as lovely as the other which made it very hard to choose. The brief that I gave Anna was that it had to be stylish, fun, I loved red and orange, bids and whimsical swirls.

I was so thrilled that Anna was as enthusiastic as I was. She was fun to work with and so professional. Since designing our logo Anna has also designed some gorgeous invitations exclusively for us.So thank you Anna we love that you are a part of Paper Scissors Rock.To purchase Anna's beautiful designer stationery visit us at Paper Scissors Rock Stationery
xx Nikki

Monday, May 10, 2010

Elly Oak cards

very excited to add a new supplier ... Elly Oak cards are delightful. Elly Oak cards are all original designs created and hand screen printed using premium quality papers and inks, and Scandinavian inspired designs to arrive at a range of bright and modern greeting cards. A collection of beautiful handmade cards is one of life’s little pleasures. Cards are sold individually for $5.00 or a mixed pack of 4 (your choice) for $16.
or products will be online in the next few days ...
x Nikki

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Mother's Day tribute to my Mum

Today I would like to share with you a little tribute to my mummy ...

I am blessed to have an amazing mother. She is my rock. I have never known or respected anyone as I do my mum. Her days have not always been easy in fact the road that she has travelled has been filled with crossroads and decisions that no one should have to take but my mum has made decisions and choices that have made me the person I am today. I grew up in a happy household with mum, Dad, my sister Erica and brother Ryan. We lived in many places and travelled quite a bit. For the first 5 years of my life I had mum and dad all to myself and I am reminded by mum of how we spent our days. She tells me that I was her best friend and her shadow which is what my eldest daughter now says to me - mumzie you are my best friend.

As we live our lives each day time passes us by and we don't often take time to smell the roses or appreciate those around us that have helped sculpt the people we are. As children we grow and start to make our own life choices, with some guidance from mum and I know now having children of my own that to stand by and watch your children make their own decisions right or wrong is very hard to do. But mum did it with a hand on my shoulder with the assurance that if we made the wrong decision that she would always be there. She was the wingman and still is today.

Mum is passionate about her family always has been and it is a quality that I adore. She is generous with all that she does and will give you 100% of devotion in everything that she does for you. She makes my laugh a lot in some crazy things she does, a crooked sense of humour my mummy has. She is stunningly beautiful, of course I am a little bias here but she is elegant and graceful (well not after too many champagnes).

I have laugh, cried, and thrown many a tantrum with mum but I am forever grateful that she is my mum and if I can be a mother to my children who have the same respect and adoration for me as I do for my mum that I have succeeded as a Mother.

Thank you my mother goose and in the words of my baby girl "you are my favourite mummy".

Happy Mother's Day to us mummies.

xx Nikki

Sunday, May 2, 2010


With a passion for beautiful stationery Nikki from I Dream of Cupcakes has created Paper Scissors Rock Stationery.

We are very excited to launch Paper Scissors Rock Stationery a new online store with a stunning array of
invitations, party accessories, notebooks, journals, cards and wrappings from the delicious designs of Invite with Style, Belles and Whiselles, Katy Jane Designs, Beckoning Designs, Ideas take Flight and Paper Eskimo.

We aim to bring you a range of striking paper products that you simply cannot live without. We believe that life is worth celebrating so whether it’s a journal, writing sets or invites for a birthday party, announcing a new addition to the family, tell someone you adore them with a card from Belles & Whiselles or an invitation for a glass of bubbles with friends we hope you find it at Paper Scissors Rock Stationery.

If you would like to hear from us please join our mailing list. Click here and enter your email and subscribe.
We look forward to chatting with you.

x Nikki