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Monday, May 31, 2010

Lovely Sweet William

Introducing the creative ladies behind "Lovely Sweet William". We are so in love with their designer prints. Be sure to stop by at Paper Scissors Rock Stationery to purchase these lovely prints ... you will find them under "enjoy".

Words from Paula ...

"Hi, my name is Paula. I live in Melbourne. I love drawing, collecting old things, eating fruit buns and drinking tea. I have three daughters, a husband and a bunny.I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa. I studied commercial art and graphic design and enjoyed a career as an art director and graphic designer both in South Africa and London. Once my babies came along and after tragically losing my mother, I found my self turning back to my love of drawing and embarked on a new career as an illustrator. My sister, who lives in New Zealand and I often collaborated on craft projects and so we joined forces and started a creative business called Sweet William - named after our childhood pet cat. I am a magpie who collects everything. I am inspired by; fine line black pens, challenge, laughter, motherhood, markets, art, design, nature, colour, pattern, etc, etc. but I do have a thing for the past, especially paper ephemera, old children’s books and all things vintage - I love something that has had a bit of a journey. When creating my art I always start with a fine line pen or pencil and I then add to that with collage, paint and texture. I can never have enough fine line black pens or sharp pencils! My work is about celebrating life and love and all the bits in between. I hope you enjoy my prints. Paula x"

You cannot help but fall in love with these prints

x Nikki


  1. Thanks Nikki - so flattered, Paula.

  2. Pleasure so pleased to be stocking your lovelies x

  3. I love the Dance in the Wind and the She flies with angels prints the best! So lovely! <3